Q2Ping is simple Windows 64-bit application for pinging Quake 2 servers using UDP listening port. It will generate dynamic HTML or any other type of content for listing pinged servers. This application is written by me and is completely free for use. Get it from downloads directory. You can see an example of generated list on servers page.


Q2Ping - Main window Q2Ping - Edit window

Supported variables

Item and page in:

{last} - Last updated
{year} - Current year
{page} - Page file
{gray} - Grayed row
{stat} - Server status
{id} - Server ID
{host} - Server hostname
{addr} - Server IP
{port} - Server port
{ping} - Current ping
{pong} - Current pong
{admin} - Master name
{cheat} - Cheats enabled
{flags} - DM flags
{fist} - Flags list
{fistbr} - With line break
{game} - Game name
{gameurl} - Game URL
{name} - Server name
{ccode} - Country code
{cname} - Country name
{cclow} - Lowercase code
{map} - Map name
{mapurl} - Map URL
{prev} - Map preview
{time} - Game time
{plays} - Players number
{limit} - Players limit
{list} - Players list
{listbr} - With line break
{topnum} - Top players count
{tops} - Top players
{topsbr} - With line break
{histnum} - Players history count
{hist} - Players history
{histbr} - With line break
{ver} - Server version
{vers} - Full version
{uptime} - Server uptime
{mail} - Email address
{site} - Website address

Main in:

{embed} - Embedded list
{last} - Last updated
{year} - Current year

Page out:

{id} - Server ID
{host} - Server hostname

Preview image:

{map} - Map name

Code image:

{ccode} - Country code
{cclow} - Lowercase code

Bugs and features

Feel free to send an email at webmaster@feardc.net to report a bug or request a feature.